Herbal Garden
  • Medicinal plants and herbs are considered valuable and important components that can be used in development of life saving drugs. Apart from that, these plants also play a critical role in the health, well-being and human culture of people around the world.
  • The college has been very successfully maintaining two Herbal Gardens under the careful guidance of all the faculty members of Department of Botany.
  • The herbal gardens of the college consist of large number of medicinally important plants like Aristolochia indica L., Hemidesmus indicus, Bacopa monnerii, Ocimum sanctum, Aerva sanguinolenta, Catharanthus roseus, Zingiber officinale, Andrographis paniculata and others.
  • These plants are generally used by the students of Department of Botany for organoleptic and microscopic studies during their practical classes of pharmacognosy and taxonomy. Plants are also used by the students and staff of this college for primary health care needs.
  • Medicinal values of few plants in our gardens are under mentioned - 
Scientific name with family Local name Medicinal values

Aristolochia indica L. (Family- Aristolochiaceae)

Gad Root juice used in snake bite.
Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R. Br. Ex Schult. (Family – Apocynaceae) Anantamul Root juice useful in case of cuts and wounds.

Paedaria scandens (Lour.) Merr. (Family – Rubiaceae)

Gadhal Leaf used as vegetables to treat stomach problem or diarrhea.

Bacopa monnerii (L.) Wettst. (Family – Plantaginaceae)

Bramhi Whole plant used to promote memory power.
Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) wall. (Family – Acanthaceae) Kalmegh Leaf juice used as anthelmintic.
Ocimum sanctum L. (Family – Labiatae) Tulsi Leaf juice or raw leaf used to cure cold and cough.

Eclipta alba L. ex B. D. Jacks (Family – Asteraceae)

Kesut Leaf juice useful in hair growth.

Cissus quadrangularis L. (Family – Vitaceae)

Harjora Stem paste applies externally to cure bone fracture.

Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don (Family – Apocynaceae)

Nayantara Leaf juice useful in muscle pain.

Zingiber officinale Roscoe (Family  – Zingiberaceae)

Aada Use to cure sore throat and cough.