Teaching Learning Process

“Not literate but educated”

Since time immemorial, the praxis of teaching learning has highly been valued in our country. Following that aura of academic legacy of incisive learning the college has adopted a slew of modern techniques of teaching with the help of tech-savvy faculty members, along with the traditional chalk-and-talk method. The process of learning is much dependent on the uninterrupted continuation of halcyon academic atmosphere which is purposefully inculcated as well as rigorously maintained with a cemented cohesion among all the stake holders of the institute. A regular interaction is held with the students and their guardians to propel a sense of confidence and faith in the institutionalized education that does not merely churn out degrees but some specific skill set to find job in near future. The astute teaching faculty members regularly use virtual classes, smart class rooms, projectors and other electronic devices with aplomb to make the process of learning more exhilarating that stimulates the specific skill latent in students hailing from different strata of the society. Thus, the institute safeguards the veracity of the mission of creating not simply literate but educated ones.