The institution follows the ideals of Swami Vivekananda – ‘Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man’. Various departments organize seminars and workshop as platform where the erudite scholars can get involved in academic discourse not for nothing, but for a continuous evaluation of what is not yet explored or illuminated. The effect of that discourse on the mind is immediate and like a flash of lightening upon the eye, it helps one discover new horizons of knowledge.Taking into account the totality of lectures delivered by sapient speakers, the students along with other erudite faculty members present get sufficient impetus to explore the perfection latent in them. The exploration of new areas can evoke novel perceptions and feelings. They may also facilitate seeing a wide range of possibilities in a given situation, thus motivating the audience to have the power to transform their mental states, evoke individual perception and release spontaneity and creativity. Viewed through the prism of those seminars and workshops, a very fascinating aspect of the institution, the narrative of strength of the academic acceleration is resonated at every corner of the institution. The role of the pragmatic authority is undeniable as he motivates, following the ideals of great educationists and philosophers, to arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.


1) One day National Seminar on ‘ Intellectual Property Rights ’

2) One day National Seminar on ‘Biodiversity & Bio-Resource Management’ 12.09.2018, organized by Dept. of Zoology & Botany

3) Quality initiatives by IQAC for promoting quality culture ( 2018-19) 

4) Quality initiatives by IQAC for promoting quality culture ( 2019-20) 

5) Seminar on "Advancement in Microbiology in the context of Louis Pasteur " organized by Dept. of  Microbiology (2022-23)

6) Social Awareness Program on " Viral Infection & Consequences with special reference to Adenovirus dt 23.03.2023" organized by Dept. of  Microbiology & IQAC 

7) Two-Day State Level Seminar On “Emerging Trends In Applied Microbiology dt 10.04.2023 & 11.04.2023 Organized By Department Of Microbiology & IQAC Bankura Sammilani College

8) One day state level seminar on “ Know Your Universe: Your Bigger Home Organized by Department of Physics & IQAC , Bankura Sammilani College, Dated 17th April 2023.

9. One day state level seminar on " Research Methodology" Organized by IQAC, Bankura Sammilani College, Dated 25th May 2023.

10.One day state level seminar on "Nutri-Choice: Career Opportunity & Challenges" Organized by Nutrition Dept. & IQAC, Bankura Sammilani College, Dated 03th June,2023.