Eco Club

For sustainable development conservation of nature and natural resources is very important. But due to excessive use of natural resources for anthropogenic activities, it is going to be depleted in near future. So it is needed to be conserved at any cost. The main objective of the Eco Club is to conserve the natural resources and create Eco friendly environment by creating awareness about biodiversity conservation.

Main activities conducted regularly by Eco club, Bankura Sammilani College are –

  • Green audit every year.
  • Eco-club volunteers are involved in measurement of water quality, noise levels on regular basis.
  • Students are getting exposure to maintain the People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR).
  • Campus cleaning, maintaining tree plantation, introducing plastic free zone, World Environment  Day  etc., are followed in the campus.
  • Eco club conducted Environmental Awareness programmes, workshop, Webinar, online quiz  for students .
  • Eco club monitors the maintaining the disposal of all sorts of wastes, e-wastes and hazardous chemicals wastes. College has also constructed a vermicomposting pits for organic wastes.
Green Audit Report -(2019-20), (2020-21) & (2021-22) View
Eco club activity  Photo 2022-23 View
Eco club activity  Photo 2021-22 View
Eco club activity  Photo 2020-21 View
Eco club activity  Photo 2019-20 View
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