About the Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy of Bankura  Sammilani  College had started its journey in the year 2011 with only 151 students in general course of UG under the supervision of  only one guest lecturer. Gradually the number of students had been increased in the following years. In the year 2014 one full time faculty joined the department when the total number of students in the general course was 675 under 1+1+1 system of Burdwan University. In the year 2017, CBCS  Syllabus had been introduced in the college and in the year 2017 the Honours  Course  had its beginning with a number of three students. In the consecutive year the number of Honours students increased to 20. After the introduction of Honours  Course two more guest faculties joined the department. Nowadays, most of the students are found interested in studying Philosophy Honours in this college.