Online Admission 2021-22
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Second chance for those candidates who could not get admitted in time in case of B.Sc (Prog.), B.Com 25/09/2021    Download
11th Merit List Notice 27/09/2021    Download
10th Merit list Notice 25/09/2021    Download
9th Merit list Notice 23/09/2021    Download
8th Merit list Notice 21/09/2021    Download
7th Merit List Notice 18/09/2021    Download
6th Merit List Notice 15/09/2021    Download
5th Merit List Notice 12/09/2021    Download
4th Merit List Notice 09/09/2021    Download
3rd Merit List Notice 06/09/2021    Download
2nd Merit List Notice 03/09/2021    Download
1st Merit List Notice 31/08/2021    Download
Provisional Merit List 2021-22 28/08/2021    Download
Online Registration Date Extension Notice 21/08/2021    Download
Criteria For Students In Vocational Courses To Apply In Hons. & Programme Courses (2021-22) 30/07/2021    Download
Criteria For Apply In Hons. & Programme Courses (2021-22) 30/07/2021    Download
Online Registration Notice 29/07/2021    Download