Mission & Vision
Mission & Vision
  • To Provide with quality education & achieve excellence in Higher Education conveying the opportunities of Higher education to the society for  uplift of the youth in future.
  • To bridge the hiatus between the teacher and the taught with academic acumen.
  • To extend necessary platform for education to include the local youth of the backward areas and ensuring the participation of all stakeholders in the development process of the institution.
  • To dream together to make it a reality preparing students aware of qualities latent in them and manifest them to perfection.
  • To grow the qualities of leadership, teamspirit, magnanimity, morality and perfection among the students making them alert about all round development of the institution by adopting the modern and updated knowledge in teaching learning process.
  • Optimal use of available human and natural resources for socioeconomic development providing job oriented knowledge of higher education for the development of the youth.
  • To create halcyon academic atmosphere which is pre-requisite to the excellence in the field of learning and culture.
  • To encourage the students to revive morality, sacrifice, spirituality and other human values in the modern age of consumerism and self aggrandizement.
  • To encourage all especially the women folk about their liberty and equality.
  • Making all the members of the society aware of human rights, culture, heritage, ethics and cleanliness which is next to Godliness.