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 Purchase of LIBRARY BOOKS  





1)  Rates of Labour & Mistri for Construction works


2.Quotation for Different Departments Equipments















1) Quotations for Desktop & Laptop

2)Quotations for Dept. of Chemistry


3) Quotations for Dept. of Microbiology


1.Tender Notice for College Magazine' 2014   

2. Tender Notice for Sports items  

3. Tender Notice for Bankura Sammilani College

Tender Notice Details Sl-No 3 ( Tender Paper Fees each Rs:- 30/- )

  4. Tender Notice for Departmental Equipments.  

5. Printers and Binders for making the Identity Cards

6. Re-Tender Notice for Bankura Sammilani College

7. Re-Tender Notice for Electrical wiring  

8. Re-Tender Notice for purchase of library book

9. Re-Tender Notice for wooden benches, tables and Chairs

10. Re-Tender Notice for Digitalizing  of the college library

11. Re-Tender Notice for Musical items

12. Re-Tender Notice for sports items

13. Tender Notice Computer & LED Monitor for Dept. of Botany

14. Tender Notice for A/C machines .

15.Tender Notice for Water Cooler.  

16.Tender Notice for LCD/LED TV.

17.Tender Notice for OHP & Sound System.

18. Tender Notice for Inverter.

19. Tender Notice for 2TB External Hard Disk

20. Tender Notice for Gym Items

21. Re-Tender Notice for installation of Solar set-up

Solar set-up Criteria

22. Quotations for Language Laboratory Software

23.Quotations for WIFI internet Connection

24.Quotations for SOUL server and Computer

Terms & Conditions for Sl-no 24.

25. Quotations for AC Machine

26. Quotations for coloring of the exterior side of the college  

27. Quotations for College Magazine 2015

28. Quotation for coloring of Exterior sides of the windows and doors

29. Quotations for College Magazine 2016






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